Double Portable Toilet

7.7 feet
7 feet
4.3 feet

Double Portable Toilet

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This portable toilet 2 private stalls portable restroom is designed to provide porta potties to construction sites and special outdoor public events for people’s convenience. This portable restroom booth gives you peace of mind that you can have a clean and simple restroom during outdoor celebrations and events. The portable toilet 2 private stalls portable restroom features a toilet, a sink, a light, and an extractor, and it is a full-service portable restroom kiosk that is similar to a bathroom in your house. Restrooms and toilets are an everyday, inevitable part of life, and we understand your urgency, and we want to bring pleasure and cleaning to you.

If this potty 2 private toilet stalls portable restroom is used on a construction site, we recommend you connect toilets to the sanitary sewer system and connect water to the pipe system. If not, you may need tanks outside the structure for waste.

Our portable toilets need to be supplied with city water or well pump water and all portable toilets’ “sewage” needs to have a city sewage system connected or a simple septic tank system.

The double portable toilet is a great outdoor solution! These kinds of portable toilets are designed to last a long time.

They are affordable, durable, and dynamic units to create comfort for everyone using them.

Our entire structure is designed by the best engineering team. This unit has PVC vinyl waterproof flooring, a frame with powder coated treatment ESP board (50mm thickness), a heat insulation window, and a security lock system.

All our systems are designed to give you versatility at the time of installation.

How convenient is an industrial double portable toilet?

Our portable washrooms are a very convenient solution whenever you need to get a non-permanent bathroom. These toilets are spacious, functional, and stylish, making you feel at home when using them. 

This industrial double portable toilet provides the same comfort and privacy as any indoor restroom. Also, they have integrated light and power outlets, you only need to plug the toilet into the electricity and it will be ready to go. This makes it a great option for different scenarios.

Great to be used in:

  • Movie sets
  • Construction sites
  • Temporary renovation sites
  • Natural disasters aid locations
  • Trail heads
  • Camp grounds

Double toilet specifications


4.3L 7W 7.7H (ft)

Packing Dimensions

85 x 51 x 95 (in)


1339 lb


PVC Vinyl Flooring


110V, 50Hz


Swing Door with Lock




Plastic-Steel Glass


+10 years

Frequently question 

    1. How does the drain work? or how does the sewage work? 
      Connect water supply and drainage tubes.
    2. What are the materials?
      PVC waterproof floor, frame with powder coated treatment ESP board(50mm thickness), Heat insulation window, security lock system
    3. Do you have installation instructions?
      Don’t need install. Only connect water and electricity system.
    4. How does the lighting work?
      Connect electricity system
    5. Do we have any warranty on this?
      1 year


Illustration of what you need for these toilets

portable bathroom

For installation, you will need to connect your mobile toilet to a clean water supply and to a tank, septic tank, or sewage.

No need to put parts together as it already come together.

Toilets will come adapted to be lifted, and moved within your area with a forklift.

PVC waterproof floor

Frame with powder coated treatment ESP board(50mm thickness)

Heat insulation window, security lock system

1.585 gallons per flush

sgs certification

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