Expandable Container Homes 19ft x 20ft

8 feet
20 feet
19 feet

Expandable Container Homes 19ft x 20ft


This Mobile Expandable Prefabricated House is an ideal alternative for temporary accommodation or office. Designed with a built-in toilet, it is convenient for everyone. Compared to solid constitutions, mobile houses are built in a factory and it is compacted as a container size. People who travel around love mobile houses, they can move the portable house with a trailer when they move around. This Bastone Mobile house is easy to set up and quick to assemble and comfortable to live in.


Using drywall anchors and screws through the holes reserved on the adjustable leg to the ground to strengthen the stability.


  • Quick Assemble, finished interior decoration
  • Condition: New
  • Use: Hotel, House, Kiosk, Booth, Office, Sentry Box, Guard House, Shop, Toilet, Villa, Warehouse, Workshop, Plant
  • Style: Portable, Container Home
  • Wind load: Up to 70mph, depending on foundation and specific circumstances. We highly recommend pouring concrete on the legs to maximize stability. Please don’t stay inside in extreme weather conditions (storms, tornados, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, etc)

Mobile house 19ft x 20ft


19L 20W 8H (ft)

Packing Dimensions

232 x 80 x 99 (in)


7849 lb

Frame Structure

Steel frame structure and flame retardant foam wallboard


Flame retardant foam aluminum magnesium manganese thermal insulation roof


Glass magnesium floor 0.08-inch wear-resistant laminate floor leather


Double-layer tempered glass-plastic-steel sliding lattice window

window outside bathroom: Plastic glass window

Restroom with shower

Plastic-Steel Glass

Restroom with shower

shower curtain rack, Shower valve, Shower sprinkler, shower rod, floor Drain, door stopper: Stainless steel

shower curtain: tarpaulin

Soapdish, toilet brush: Aluminum alloy

Water stopper, mirror box: PVC

Silent exhaust fan

Security Doors

Main door: aluminum door with lock

Restroom door: WPC Door + Frosted Glass


Need to set up additionally


PPR hot and cold water pipe

PVC drainage pipe

Insulation Pipe


Hydraulic brace: Pressure 3000N

Bearing: 6204

Hinge pulley block: 2000 lbs

Wire rope: φ5mm

Neutral environmental protection materials

Neutral sealant

Frequently question 

    1. Can I hang something on the wall?
      The wallboard is composited with foam in the middle, so you cannot screw in the wall. You will need to use self-adhesive hooks for hanging, and the load capacity is depending on the hook.  
    2. Can I purchase 2 of them and combine them together without the wall?
      Technically, no. There is still a gap between the two units. 
    3. Snow Load?
      The unit is designed for outside usage and can withstand a heavy snow load. The unit is safe before the snow reaches 6.6ft high on the roof.  However, it is recommended that take off the snow in time and don’t stay inside in extreme weather conditions (storms, tornados, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, etc)
sgs certification

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Create a perfect usable dry area for your products or working.

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