High Cube Shipping Container (40ft)

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8 feet
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High Cube Shipping Container (40ft)


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The high cube shipping container 40ft is a sustainable and versatile option if you are looking for extra storage space, footing for shipping container roofs, or any project in need of a rigid metal structure.

Our 40ft shipping container has 4 side doors and is usually used for intermodal freight transportation, which means that it can be carried by different kinds of vehicles (such as planes, ships, trucks, among others) without having the cargo unloaded.

The high cube shipping container is a standard metal container, designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Its materials and resilient structure makes it the best structure for outside conditions.

Companies use these metal containers for intercontinental, international or local shipments. However, the rectangular shape and spacious design makes it a formidable option if you need an indoors space. 

The amount of energy and resources spent to build a shipping container is considerably high. Therefore, repurposing them is a very sustainable options, since the hard part is already done. You can reduce the effort and money put into the building process by using a shipping container instead of using building materials. You just need to place it where you need, and then just start with the details of the building (which has to be done if you are building such space from scratch).


  • Intermodal containers
  • Cargo, freight containers
  • ISO containers
  • Ocean containers
  • Sea containers
  • Sea vans
  • Sea can
  • C can

About 90% of shipping containers in existence are standardized. Most of them are 8ft wide, either 20ft or 40ft long, and 8ft 6in high. High Cube or HC or HQ containers are 9 ft 6in high.

External Length


External Width


External High Cube Height

9ft 6in

Internal Length

39ft 3in8in

Internal Width

7ft 8in

Internal High Cube Height

8ft 10in

Door Dimensions

W 7ft 8in x H 8ft 5in​


9392 lbs


  • 1 end door and 4 side open doors

  • Lock box, side forklift pockets

  • Material: Cortes Steel

  • Condition: One way new

  • Waterproof, weather-resistant


sgs certification

We have practical solutions for you

Portable Canopies, tents steel frame, PVC fabric in between two container.

Create a perfect usable dry area for your products or working.

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