Shipping Container Roof
33W-40L-10H (ft) Peak Double Truss

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Shipping Container Roof
33W-40L-10H (ft) Peak Double Truss


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Wheel with wire cable W14H16 ft single truss, PVC 650G more information

The double truss shipping container roof is a versatile tent that makes any big space between 2 containers (or similar structures) the perfect sheltering area.

This 33W-40L-10H container cover is the perfect combination of container and storage. 

They are affordable, durable and dynamic units to create a space to protect merchandise, vehicles or goods from the weather.

The best engineering team designed our entire structure, creating a galvanized steel structure type Q215 and an ultra resistant pvc fabric.

Also, all our systems are designed to give you versatility at the time of installation. If you want something temporary you can screw them or if you want something more fixed you can weld it.

However, you don’t necessarily need a container to install them, you can use any type of support.

Easy to install, this shelter is often used at construction sites as a sawing shed or for storing construction materials.

Another common use for the shipping container roof – single truss is in the agricultural industry as a storage area for tractors and other machinery.

Different uses for the 33W-40L-10H (ft)

  • Industrial and agricultural warehouses
  • Construction warehouses
  • Vehicle shelters
  • Temporary shelters
  • Office inventory
  • Canopy tents  
  • Agricultura warehouses
  • Freight warehouses
  • Industrial warehouses
  • Carports
  • Garages for trucks, buses, vans, and boats
  • Event and exhibition tents
  • Commercial tents
  • Economical barn
32X40DTP Diagram

33W-40L-10H (ft) Shipping container roof specifications

Packing Weight

1919 lbs

Packing Dimensions

123 x 44 x 34 in

Arch Ø

3" x 1.80 (mm)

Purlin Ø

2.5" x 1.50 (mm)

Snow Load

3-4 inches

Wind Load

50 mph


Heavy Duty - 450gsm PVC


Double Truss Dteel Galvanized

Tarp lifespan

7-10 years*

Frame lifespan

+15 years*

Anchor footplates


*The term “lifespan” refers to the durability of the materials themselves, not to the structural integrity of the canopy once assembled.

*The structural integrity of the canopy once assemble may be affected by sudden climate conditions such as high winds, heavy snow, heavy rain, among others. We strongly recommend checking the weather forecast, and always take into account the limitations above described. 

Highly Recommended 

    1. All container canopy covers need to be removed during windstorms stronger than 55 mph, leaving the frame assembled. Customer responsibility
    2. All container canopy covers need to be removed before a snowstorm of 2 inches (for single truss Shipping container roofs) and after 4 inches (for double truss Shipping container roofs), leaving the frame assembled. Customer responsibility.
    3. It is highly recommended for customers who live in snow states and cities to use double truss framing instead of Single truss framing. Customer responsibility.
    4. It’s the owner’s responsibility to shovel snow off the canopy rooftop immediately, otherwise, the frame may collapse.
    5. All containers need to be anchored to the ground in each corner. Customer responsibility. Find the sample diagram here.
    6. All of our products fall under the temporary structures category/storage ragtops.

Return Policy: Any product can be returned within 7 calendar days after arrival; shipping expenses are not refundable. For more information, please refer to the Return and refund policy. The term “lifespan” refers to the durability of the materials themselves, not to the installation of the canopy structure.


    • Welding is required for this model.
    • Base plates to be welded onto the edge of the containers are included.
    • Unloading: Forklift or equivalent is required if you don’t have one, please let us know
    • We recommend obtaining your local council consent to avoid county scrutiny.
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