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Big shipping container roof kit and industrial canopy provider

Best site to find carport canopy, roof between two shipping containers and back cover

We have been one of the leading providers of shipping container roof kit, industrial carport canopy and end walls in the market for more than 5 years already. The best product developed, excellent quality at the best price, we have all the products for immediate shipping, any questions do not hesitate to write us.

Excellent Prices

The best prices on the market with exceptional quality.

Satisfied customers

Happy projects and clients who speak for us, excellence is our trademark.

Perfect timing

Our deliveries always on time for your shipping containers roof, carport canopy and back cover.

Custom storage

Do you have a defined space for your projects? This is not a problem for us, we work on measures.

we are specialists

Shipping container roof

Create a great space with your containers

You can create a large shipping container roof at the best price and quality
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Carport canopy

Create a space with an industrial tent

You just need to have space and you will have an excellent storage
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Back cover

Covers the back

Having a back cover you will already get a complete storage
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Storage and canopy

What do you protect?
We have a solution with a shipping container roof for you.

Secure Construction
Affordable Prices
Durable materials
Differents Models
Weather proof Shelter
Custom Build Options

Different container canopy roof uses, Different industries.

How is the quality of the shipping container roof kit?

Functionality and durability are the main elements with which our products were created. Different companies have decided to believe in our work! We are proud of our quality, our prices and the functionality of our outdoor tents and roofs.


Practical and functional solutions for storage, animal shelter and light or heavy machinery.


Construction and architecture

Structures that are aligned to your construction projects, we adapt to any space since we work on measures.

Commercial and business use

Do you need to create spaces for events and outdoor storage spaces?

The solution is in our hands.

Personal use

Find multipurpose solutions for your exteriors, protect those you love and what you love, thanks to our adjustable and oversized tents.

Why consider purchasing a heavy duty storage tent?

The Shipping container roof kit is an economical, durable and sturdy way to create a job site to protect your goods.

The great advantage is that you can create structures the size you need depending on the area you wish to cover. You can use 20 or 40 ft shipping container to create 20, 26, 33 or 40 ft wide areas.



They believed in us