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It all started in Florida back in 2016 when this beautiful marriage needed a place where to do maintenance during long working hours under 80 degrees, they bought and installed for their own use these hoop canopies to put between containers, they loved the idea of being able to offer a storage product to people and companies who like them needed something affordable and durable to work with.

The company started small, selling a few units to put between containers, offering only through the marketplace, and shipping to the closest places in Florida, then the team started to grow and build value for our customers, looking to offer options for windy and snowy places as well. Storage and Canopy were funded with a vision to provide high-quality and innovative outdoor solutions for customers across the US. Since then, the company has grown rapidly and expanded its product line to include a wide range of products, including carport canopies, shipping container roofs, portable toilets, brand-new shipping containers, mobile houses, and fabric buildings.

Why clients choose us

Storage and Canopy quickly gained a reputation for providing exceptional customer experience from the first contact and high-quality products. This led to a rapid expansion of the company’s product line, as well as an increase in demand from customers. Today, Storage and Canopy offers a diverse range of outdoor solutions to suit a variety of needs and preferences. From standard-sized carport canopies to custom-made buildings, the company has a solution for every customer. The company’s shipping containers are known for their durability and versatility, and their mobile houses and portable toilets are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient living experience.


We work every day in order to improve our quality and make sure our customers have an even better experience.


At storage and canopy we believe every opportunity with good wording and kindness is a respectul opinion, otherwise it is cruelty.


We are commited to pay attention to important details before and after sale.


Everybody is always trying to think outside the box in order to meet and exceed our customer's needs.


One our most valuable adjectives is our transparency to our customers and our family.


We do our best to deliver quality products.


Every smile over the phone and at the warehouse will always come from our heart.

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We work every day harder in order to become your most reliable provider.

Some Projects

Container roof

Texas Project

Capturing Texas

Our client wanted a space that would be cool with our PVC
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Container roof

Alabama Project

Protect with rain

Rain was our client's priority, with our canopy our customer won't have problems again.
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Highly recommend their container roofing services. Top-quality product, fast delivery, and superb customer service. A truly professional team!
Richard Blackwood
Maersk manager
Fast, affordable, and quality prefab homes. From design to installation, the process was seamless. Made my dream home a reality!
Alexander White
MTV Group
Clean, comfortable, and punctual portable toilets. Great for events. Outstanding service and eco-friendly practices, too!
Alexander White
From shipping container roofs to prefab houses and portable toilets, their products are high-quality, durable, and delivered on time. Top-notch service and highly recommended!
Miriam Swift

We develop your projects with responsibility

Cabe Steele


Contact Information

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If anyone knows about storage it is storage and canopy. We have had the pleasure of doing some great construction. That’s why over the years we’ve had third party companies take care of the installation.

That is why we recommend the best installer we have ever known. We leave his contact information so that you have the facility to contact him whenever you want.