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Why to buy a fabric portable shelter?

Easy to install temporary woking areas

Fabric portable shelters are an excellent option for temporary work sites because they are easy to install structures. 

Protect anything from the weatehr using container mounted tents for construction, warehousing and workshops. 

If you are a construction professional, you that jobsites usually lack convenient on-site workshops or storage facilities. Many valuable hours are lost driving between the jobsite and the storage location. 

We get portable shelters to your doorstep

You have probably seen these portable shelters on jobsites all over the country but maybe didn’t know where to get them. We are the people you have to get in contact with in case you need one!

Storage and Canopy Inc supplies heacy duty, industrial grade fabric structures for just about anything. From large warehouses or workshops, to small storage units can be set up with our structures.

Fabric building 60W 100L 25H - pers right open grey

Fabric building
60W 100L 25H (ft)

Carport Canopy 32- 40 - 16

Carport Canopy
32W 40L 16H (ft)


Introducing shipping container roofs

One of the most versatile ways to use our portable shelters is to combine them with shipping containers to make the best use of all your available space. Don’t just use your shipping containers as individual storage units, but as walls for the roofs you can get from us.


Typically, standard shipping containers are either 20 or 40ft long, 8ft wide and 8 or 9ft high. By placing two containers parallel from one another and then spanning them with one of our structures, you instantly create a covered area that can be used for virtually anything. You can even make much longer structures by putting more containers end to end or higher spaces stacking them. Our structures will fit no matter what!

Secure and affordable portable shelter

Combining your containers and our structures provides you with a great lockable and secure storage for any valuable equipment, machinery and tools.


The containers greatly reduce the cost of the structure because they add height, therefore our structure doesn’t need to be as high. When you mount 8.6ft high  shipping containers, you actually reduce the lineal amount of steel in each truss ! You also reduce the amount of fabric, thus greatly reducing the structures cost.

Consecutive storage units optimizing shipping container roofs.
Installed container roof from the inside
Shipping container roof white 40x80x20
26x20x10 ft shipping container roof that with matching containers

Temporary madical areas using portable shelter

Temporary portable shelter hospitals offer the medical sector agility to respond when contingencies appear. The easiness to isntall allow medical facilities to expand and operate in remote locations safely.