Storage tent

Storage tent: Understanding the basics

When it comes to storing goods on the outside, we tend to think about buildings (may they be made of wood, bricks or other similar materials), but rarely consider less permanent options. That’s why we want to talk about the storage tent, a steel structure covered by a PVC fabric. These structures are very practical and a lot easier to install; in addition, you can disassemble and install them somewhere else, an investment that would go with you everywhere.

Carport canopy

What kind of storage tents can I find?

There are a lot of options, the storage tents vary on length, width and height. You can find small ones, perfect for car storage, farming equipment storage, boat storage, and basically any goods storage you may need; you can find big ones, that would provide perfect temporary onsite storage for construction or even work sites. We will show the most popular ones and the common uses they are given.

22W 24L 11H (ft) Storage canopy

This is the perfect garage, it can hold up to 2 standard vehicles. It provides protection against the sun, rain, winds and snow; it’s roll-up door guarantees full shelter for anything you may need to keep on the outside.

carport canopy for two cars

16W 45L 16H (ft) storage canopy

This long storage tent is perfect for RV’s and boats, guaranteeing that long and somewhat tall vehicles would fit in it. It also provides protection against the sun, rain, winds, and snow; it’s zipper door makes it the perfect enclosed shelter for your long vehicles.

Carport Canopy 16x45

Take a look at the storage canopies

fabric building 30W 60L 20H - persp right open grey

Fabric building
30W-60L-20H (ft)

Carport Canopy 16-45-16 inside white

Carport canopy
16W 45L 16H (ft)

Canopy 14-40-14 abierto white

Carport canopy
14W 40L 14H (ft)


Are there bigger options?

Additionally, we would like to mention bigger options that cover more specific needs: Fabric buildings. These are also steel frames covered by a PVC fabric that work wonders for more specific needs, such as remote worksite shelters, onsite storing shelters, temporary disaster zones, temporary medical zones, and so much more.

What is the storage tent maintenance?

Our storage canopies are very easy to maintain and are extremely durable, some cleaning session throughout the year would be enough for them to last 10 years. Also, make sure to tight them enough so that there wont be any “hammocks”, thus reducing unnecessary extra weight on the top side.

How to install a storage tent?

The installation process is easy and it shouldn’t take longer than a couple of days, you can find all the details in our “Manuals” section. Since all the parts are properly marked, it would just be a matter of following some easy steps.

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