Shipping container shed

Shipping container shed: Keeping your goods safe

Having a shed is usually a need more than a luxury, because a lot of things should not be stored inside the house, but just leaving them outside would make that out doors space look untidy and it is very unsafe. For this reason we would like to introduce the shipping container sheds.

shipping container shed

What options are there for a shipping container shed?

Firstly, lets talk about using a shipping container as a shed. This structures can withstand harsh weather conditions, while ships transport them through the oceans, planes through the sky and trucks through the roads, carrying a lot of different things and preserving their structural conditions.

Because of that, using them to store everything you need to safeguard from the weather conditions is a terrific idea. A shipping container shed is a simple solution for a common problem, and it requires little to no effort. Take a look at the options we have at our store.

Shipping container 40'' HQ

Shipping container roof 40x20

Shipping container roof <br> 40W-20L-15H (ft)

The double truss shipping container roof is a versatile tent that makes any big space between 2 containers (or similar structures) the perfect sheltering area.
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Secondly, lets talk about out shipping container roofs. We are proud of our products because the manufacturer engineered them to provide shelter for anything that you can’t store inside conventional spaces. Also, if the existing storing space is not sufficient, these work wonders.

As a result, shipping container sheds go to another level! Imagine having 2 containers that work as sheds. You would need to stack everything in an orderly manner to optimize the space inside them. Also, you may be unable to efficiently store or reach everything there. A shipping container roof takes those shipping containers (or any similar structures) and turns them into the foundations of a much greater storing space.

Shipping container roofs

How do I install them?

The bases attach smoothly on top of the shipping containers. The, you just need to put the frame on top of the containers and, finally, place the tarp atop the frame. Thus, you just created a clear span building, ready to shelter big trucks, equipment, huge amounts of supplies, products or basically anything that needs storing.

Take a look at this video!

What about the weather?

Taking into account that the shipping containers are designed to withstand long periods of time of transportation in different means of transportation, the foundation of the structure is surely sturdy. On the other hand, the shipping container roofs are resilient and withstand harsh weather conditions. Shipping container sheds are weather proof!