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Canopy tent: Types and uses

Whenever you think about canopy tents, you probably picture the roof with 4 legs that would provide shade but won’t be so good against other weather conditions. Canopy tents have a wide variety, and uses that would feet most of your sheltering needs with little time and effort invested (plus, they are very affordable). We want to provide more options, therefore lets take a look at more industrial options.

Carport Canopy

Storage canopies

These canopy tents are easy to set, metal structures covered with a weather resistant, heavy duty PVC tarp, therefore being capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions (such as heavy rains, winds, and snows), while being very appealing at sight. Additionally, they are easy to assemble, and disassemble, need little maintenance, and would work for a lot of purposes.

Carport canopy category

Canopy tent as a garage

If you have a vehicle and you want to protect it but you don’t have a garage, these canopy tents are the perfect solution, because you just need to set it up where you want the vehicle to be parked and enjoy a temporary or permanent external garage. In addition, there are a lot of sizes, so regardless what kind of vehicle you have (car, SUV, truck, boat, RV, motor-home, farming vehicles, bike or bicycle), you’ll find a canopy tent for it. Besides, they work as a regular garage, giving you enough space for tools, boxes and other stuff you store at garages.

Storage canopy 22x24

Canopy tent as a barn

If your work require you to have a storing space, take a look at the fabric buildings, because they are spacey tents with a door, perfect for setting up storing spaces for all needs. Keep you farming equipment, crops, vehicles, tools, and basically everything you work with protected from harsh weather conditions, therefore protecting your investment.

Outdoor working spaces

Do you need to set up a temporary working place? Canopy tents make an excellent temporary work space shelter for any outdoor space. Additionally, this structures are very resilient, and versatile, protect you from the UV radiation from the sun, rains, winds or snow. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about costly and unpractical fixed spaces for temporary needs, just set up a canopy tent for the needed time, then you can store it back and use it in the future instead of having to tear everything down and not reusing the materials. 

Our canopy tent options

You can find canopy tents and fabric buildings at our store. Also, we have many options that would cover most of the usual storing needs. Additionally, we have a wide range of sizes, so make sure to check them all and see if they work for your space. Contact us at (321) 710-0804 to get personalized assistance with your purchase or click here to visit our store.

fabric building 30W 60L 20H - persp right open grey

Fabric building
30W-60L-20H (ft)

Carport Canopy 16-45-16 inside white

Carport canopy
16W 45L 16H (ft)

Canopy 14-40-14 abierto white

Carport canopy
14W 40L 14H (ft)