Hoop barn beetween shipping containers

Economical solution shipping container roof plans

Many times we have some containers that we are not using and today. We have an economical solution and easily assembled to create a good shipping container roof.

The question may arise as to how to attach to two shipping containers and if it is complicated. In this case, it is usually very simple and it depends on the model you choose. In the manual section, you can see its installation.

To cover the space, pre-fabricated structures of great resistance are used, like the ones in the following image:

Shipping container roof

How far apart should I put the containers for storage?

It all depends on the type of container you have, usually, you should choose the length depending on the size of the container, 20 or 40 feet. To create a storage container garage it is necessary that you have 2 shipping container garages and in case you have one, you can use any kind of support with the same height and length of the container to connect it.

In case you have two 40 conex boxes you can separate them by 20, 26, 33 or 40 feet. With this width distance you can create a good storage container roof depending on the space you have available.

In case you have two 20 conex boxes you can create spaces of 20×20 container or 26×20, as experts in this type of structures we do not recommend more distance between them because the structures as they do not have a good amount of anchors or trusses, they tend to weaken.

How to transport such large structures this economical solution?

Shipping container roof kits are usually disassembled transported. You will save space for delivery this will be quick and easy. Whenever you buy a shipping container shelter asks if it can be transported and re assembled.

What can I use this shipping container cover for?

The 20 feet length is often used to store trolleys, create a tool deposit. It is perfect for people who have a smaller space and want to make the most of it.

The 40 feet length is used to store trucks, Workshop fabric structures, create a large storage space, job site and I have even seen cases that use it for storage and sleeping. There are some ideas that you can see for your conex boxes.

What types of shipping container garage are there?

Mainly there are two roof systems, the metal roof over conex box and the heavy-duty tents.

Which one conex box roof should I choose?

If you choose the metal roof over conex you should keep in mind that since it is a heavy structure you should have it installed by an expert. The main disadvantage is how expensive they can be.

Resultado de imagen de shipping container roof

On the other hand, the heavy-duty tents are usually much shipping container tent roof and their installation is very simple. Depending on the type of tent you buy, it can resist much more to the weight that accumulates due to snow or strong winds. For snow, you need to buy shipping container roof trusses

We always recommend PVC to make it resistant to create a good storage container roof kit.

You can check more ideas for your conex boxs.

Where can I find this shipping container roof?

You can visit this section where you will find all sizes. Once you find the perfect one for you, you can write to us at sales@storageandcanopy or call us at (321) 710-0804. We will help you and guide your project in this economical solution.