RV carport canopy: The best protection for your RV or Motorhome

RV carport canopy to protect all vehicles from sunlight

It is crucial to find the right storage and protection for your vehicles. The right solution to protect your RV is an RV carport canopy. Consequently, this shelter solution can protect your investment and improve the experience’s quality when using it.

Naturally, a carport canopy could be an ideal solution to protect your Motorhome from abrupt temperature changes, reagardless the season or time of year. In adition, its resistant materials will protect the vehicle, thus prolonging its lifespan. But if you don’t know its benefits yet, and you need to decide, we invite you to validate the reasons why you should consider protecting your motorhome.

1. Avoid UV exposure and weather changes

As everyone is aware of, the sun and weather changes can affect the lifespan of our objects, so protecting them is vital. Because ot this, it is necessary to analyze the effect; the sun can tear vinyl decorations, damage the ceiling, shorten tire life, wrinkle the roof sealant, etc. In general, it is best to keep your mobile home away from intense sunlight, especially in southern and southwestern weather.

2. Reduces your car wash time and maintenance

If your motorhome is not exposed, you will avoid recurring costs like washing and doing maintenance. In addition, the good painting’s condition can be prolonged.

3. Go one step ahead and anticipate theft

If you protect your vehicles from exposure, it’ll be safer.

4. You'll be able to perform maintenance, even in winter

Some structures only offer protectection for your motorhome without extra space, making it impossible for you to handle it. How about a space for your vehicle’s maintenance without leaving home?

Shipping container roofs and ends are sold separately. We also handle heavy snow load, 40×40 Double truss.

Let's choose the container roof that best fits your motorhome

At Storage and Canopy, we have different options that perfectly match your motorhome. Regulatory measures for a mobile home usually range from 12 feet high and 18 feet wide; the size of our smallest roof is 20’W x 20’L x 6.5’H. It works wonders.

However, if your needs are storage or maintenance, we recommend ensuring an option that allows you to maneuver within the space. Furthermore, below some great options: 

  • 20W 20L 6.5H(ft) Shipping container roof
  • 20W 40L 6.5H(ft) Shipping container roof
  • 26W 20L 10H (ft) Shipping container roof

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How much can my RV carport canopy cost?

Prices will vary depending on the sizes. We have different options for all budgets, starting from 1,500 USD onwards you can acquire some of our references. Our products are a great investment, because they have an extensive lifespan.

If your vehicle’s proportions are wider than it is tall, we have the following options that might work for you

How long can my RV cartport canopy last?

The lifespan of our canopies is approximately 8 to 10 years.

How large will my garden have to be so that I can install my shipping container roof?

Your garden should be at least 20 feet wide by 20 feet long, that’s our smallest container roof size. However, for you to move freely, the choice will depend on the available space you have; we recommend having the size dimensions and then consult our size chart, so you can identify if the canopy fits your space.

What is more convenient to protect my motorhome, regular cover or RV carport canopy?

A cover can be considered as an economical alternative to protect your motorhome. However, this option isn´t the best one because the fabric can be ripped or deteriorated quickly. Furthermore. this kind of cover is also not quite convenient since you have to put it on everytime you get home and also take it off everytime you need to use your car (even if it is only to take something out of it). On the other hand, with a canopy you’ll be getting a garage, you would only have to open and close the door.

What is the best option to protect my motor home during winter?

The material has the most significant impact. Usually, the fabric is just PV, but our shipping container roof fabric is 450 g PVC. In adition, the frame is galvanized steel, making it much more resistant to sun, rain, wind, and snow.