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Shipping container barn: Why to build one?

As you may know, everyone is giving a different use for shipping containers. After carrying stuff around, people have started to turn them into less movable facilities such as homes, shops, offices, and shipping container barns. All of these are great alternatives for conventional buildings, but today we’ll talk about the shipping container barns.

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How resistant are shipping containers?

Companies design shipping containers with high quality standards to ensure all goods sent inside them arrive safely to their destination, usually traveling stacked, for several months, withstanding harsh weather conditions in ships across the ocean, experiencing pressure changes in planes, receiving hits, bumps, scratches when being transported in trucks and forklifts… And yet, they remain in pristine physical conditions.

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Can you use a shipping container as a barn?

Such a resilient artifact would make an excellent storing unit. Something as a shipping container barn is not only possible, but recommendable! Setting it up would be way easier than building a barn or a shed from scratch. Think about it, if you were to build a barn, you would need to consider what materials it would be made of, where to buy them, how to transport them to the site, hiring a team to build it, spending valuable time supervising the construction, worrying about all the details a construction usually implies (foundation, materials optimization, unsuspected expenses, and so on).

How to build a shipping container barn?

Well, it shouldn’t be such a pain to build a simple storing unit! That’s why using a shipping container makes such an excellent option. The structural soundness and time resistance is guaranteed with it.

If you want to use a shipping container for a barn, you would only need to worry about where to place it, hiring a person to open some holes on it and that’s it. Check out our 40HQ shipping container with side door HERE!

I need more space, I need a big barn!

You may be thinking that the container alone won’t solve your problem because you require a bigger storing space, you may even have one or two containers lying around and you believe they are just metal in they way… Let us tell you: They are not! We sell a great variety of shipping container roofs that would turn any space into a big barn! You can use your containers (or any strong foundation) to place one of our roofs and in a matter of days you would have a shipping container barn with a span ranging from 20×20 ft to 40×80 ft. Remember, you can also get our end walls (which are roll up doors) to enclose the space.

All our products have been engineered with the most durable materials to ensure a long live-span with very basic maintenance.

Can I move the shipping container barn easily?

Definitely! Even though the shipping container are heavy and they won’t budge with harsh weather conditions, all it takes for you to move it is a forklift, making it a very portable structure (Though ou can fiz it to the floor if you wish to).

The shipping container roofs are also easy to dismantle, you can even put them back in the box it comes in.

Summarizing, you can change the location of the whole shipping container barn with very little effort, making it an investment you can actually take anywhere.